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I am an Empowerment Coach for talented, ambitious professional women who are ready to dig deep into what holds them back so that they can reach the heights they know they are capable of. Are you ready to accelerate your performance?
After over 15 years of experience working on my own personal development – from group therapy, to counselling, to coaching – I know how powerful these tools can be.
I also know there’s a lot of dross out there, masquerading as ‘transformational’.
I work with a range of powerful coaching tools and from a grounding in emotional intelligence, helping clients to dig into what’s holding them back professionally.
Do you feel like your life or career have stagnated lately? Like you’re on an endless plateau and can’t seem to reach the next mountain to climb?
I help professional women learn how to challenge their limiting beliefs, understand and overcome the triggers that are leading them to self-sabotage and harness the power of their emotional intelligence so that they can become the leaders they know they were born to be.
Your current strategy isn’t working and it’s time for a new one.
Let’s find one together.
“Create a life you love to live”
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